Big data

With the rise of industry 4.0, data management and analysis inevitably play role in industries and research. Extracting raw data and subsequently transform them to the refined version are extremely essential before transferring and loading to either local or cloud systems. In the following links, we provide download as well as installation information for the required tools of extract, transfer and load (ETL) :

  1. Eclipse – Java platform for databases. Install a dbeaver package to ease the database management.
  2. Talend Open Studio – Talend Open Studio for extract, transfer and loading.
  3. Mysql  and Mysql-workbench – Managing Mysql databases.
  4. Mycli – Autocompletion of Mysql.
  5. Apache-ubuntu – Managing databases within localhost and integrating them with php as well javascript.
  6. Postgresql and pgadmin – Managing postgresql databases.

Of course there are possible works to be explored following extract, transfer and load associated with data analysis. The latter requires another experience in statistics as well as machine learning. The following links might be also useful:

  1. Python-lib – provides misc of libraries for machine learning using python.
  2. R – is extremely practical for data analysis.
  3. Anaconda – Open studio of Python and R.

The aforementioned links are a piece of parts from data engineer tools. In addition, there are many of them in extract, transfer and load such as IBM datastage and SSIS from microsoft. The advantages of the written links that most of them are available as open source software.

Enjoy your works!