Welcome to iLi!

We provide updates of activities in both research and industries. Our research scopes cover Molecular biology, Semiconductors, and quantum physics. Specifically, simulations of wound healing and quantum physics; and engineering semiconductors are of interest. The descriptions of our research can be found in research page; and its results can be found in publications page. Beyond research, we have been involved in a project associated with the migration of database from Microsoft to Postgres SQL and egroupware migration databases. Those who are interested in being either a data engineer or a data scientist, visit Database engineering page.



This website is aimed at conserving our grand mother’s legacy who has raised and educated us for being a researcher as well as an engiineer. As we are totally indebted to her dedication and commitment in education and research, we provided our ongoing research as well as a project in industries. The website name originates from her name, Hj. Ili Soleha. Altough she has no degree, her commitments have brought us to achieve a doctoral degree in prestigious research institutes of Europe.


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