Online classes

Winter semester (Sep – Dec) 2020

For this semester four courses are launched. Scholarship awardees are expected to take two available courses which consist of a mandatory subject and a selected subject. The courses are the following:

  • English
  • This course focuses on an improvement of gramar and writing. The class will be conducted 70 % in English and 30 % Indonesian, which is supported with online tutorial (watch an example of english tutorial). After the course, students are expected to confidently write his/her own diary and speak in English with his/her colleagues.
  • French
  • Students will be introduced to the French language. They will be enganged with Grace Dina whose experiences in teaching French for more than 5 years. She had lived in Orlean France for two years, taught French in Bandung Indepedent School and has privately taught students.
    • Teachers: Grace Dina S.s
    • Time : begin in September – exact date is to be announced.
  • German
  • Students will be introduced to the German language and cultures.
  • Math
  • The basic of pre-algebra and pre-calculus will be revised here. A classical approach which burdens students with a lot of problem tasks will be avoided. After a math course students are expected to apply it to common math problems.
    • Teachers:
      • Dr. rer. nat. Wildan Abdussalam
    • Time : begin in September – exact date is to be announced.

Classes rules

  1. Students who are absent without a confirmation with their teacher for more than three times will be excluded from the class and their scholarship will be terminated.
  2. The confirmation should be addressed to their teacher at least a day ahead the class.
  3. non-scholarship holders and non staffs are welcome to participate in the class. In order to maintain motivations in participating at the class, the installment are necessary. When the class is over, the installment will be returned back to the participants should they pass the exam.

Profiles of voluntary Teachers

  • Grace Dina S.s
  • Grace Dina
    Grace has a degree in French literature from University of Padjadjaran, Sumedang, Indonesia. She also studied in Orleans, France for c.a. two years and worked as a French teaching assistant at Bandung Independent School, Bandung, Indonesia. After working as the teaching assistant for 4 years, Grace moved to Dresden and works there as a private teacher of French and English languages.
  • Dr. rer. nat. Wildan Abdussalam
  • Ika Widianti, S.pd, M.A
  • Ika Widianti
    Ika has a degree in German literature and education from State University of Malang, Malang, Indonesia. Afterwards she had worked as German lecturer at Trisakti Institute of Tourism in Jakarta for five years. In 2013 she was offered DAAD scholarship by German government to pursue master studies at Technische Universität Dresden. She earned a master degree in 2015 and works as a teacher in Dresden until now.
  • Eva Afifah, M.A
  • Eva Afifah
    Eva Afifah completed her bachelor of design in Institut Teknologi Bandung. In 2018, she obtained an MA in Graphic communication design from University of the Arts London. She founded Esstisch Studio in 2019.
  • Risva Tri Multian, S.Pd, M.A
  • Risva Multiansari
    Risva has a degree in German literature and education from Indonesia University of Education, Bandung, Indonesia. Afterwards she pursued her dream by doing master studies at Universität Trier. She earned a master degree in 2017 and works as a teacher in DLA Goethe Institut.